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09/18/2016: New episode is out. Check out lucky episode 13 and see why people are unfollowing me on twitter!

09/03/2016: Season 2 of the podcast is here! You can check out episode 1 of the new season here. A very special thanks to A. Quinton, owner and operator of, for being a super guest. Also, we talk about Teen Wolf. Oh man, Season 2 is already off to a huge start! I have all kinds of treats and goodies planned for you guys. Season 2 will be the best season yet!

06/24/2016: Hey guys! Episode 11 is out! Remember that it's also on iTunes! And here it begins! The contest! To enter, just type up a review on iTunes for The Ugly Werewolf, screen shot it before you send, and email it to me here. Easy. Once there are 5 reviews on iTunes, the contest will go live and on July 31st, submissions will close and one random contestant will win a copy of Overwatch! Wowzie! You can also add in ONE more time for double the chance(!) by recording you saying why you LOVE or HATE the Ugly Werewolf and email the audio to me. Boom. Done. Now get out there and write some reviews!

05/20/2016: Episode 10 is now live! I've been getting too lazy with these things. I've been planning to add some structure, and will hopefully apply it soon enough. Keep listening and writing in! You guys fuel my o'beastity!

03/27/2016: Got a new laptop. All powerful and shiny! YIH 3 is back in production! New audio setup! Beginning editing of the next podcast episode! Going to be polishing some shit and get it smooth for all of you uglies.

03/05/2015: Episode 9 is up! The articles page is not working right, so use it at your own risk. Shout out to the Skruins and Co Breakfast Show, the smellier, older brother. I will never understand how they don't fall off into space.

02/12/2015: Still doing updates and fixes to the site at large. All in all, I think it's becoming quite cozy! Also added the articles section for your reading enjoyment. Episode 9 of the podcast will be up tonight or tomorrow. Episode 7 is coming. Also, there's a new Couch Warriors:

02/07/2015: Oh hey, I remembered my password! Sweet! Now, I know that I haven't updated here in a while, seeing how it's much easier to update Twitter and Facebook and shit. Did you hear, though? Episode 8 of TUW is up! I'm currently preparing for recording Episode 9. Just bought some new tech, so it should be sounding much better. Hopefully. If there's no fucking mush mouthing.

11/24/2015: I totally botched something so it might be a little longer before this is all pretty looking! Until then, listen to the first 6 episodes of the podcast. Do it. Right now. Episode 7 is in the works right now. I'd apologize but whatever. No one reads this site anyway. Balls. Cunt sanwich.

09/10/2015: Heyo mayo all of my precious critters! This site is getting all purdy looking! Until it gets all setup, have some fun with the new episode! I have five episodes of my PODCAST already!?

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