The 2015 Uglies

I’m starting a new award called The Uglies, exclusive to my website. Oh man, get ready for some awesome winners. Now I present you with the 2015 Uglies!

Best Podcast

The Ugly Werewolf

Oh man, I am so honored to receive this award! I didn’t really put in the effort or work, but to receive this is so exciting! It’s only three episodes in, but I hope I can keep doing this for years to come!

Runner-up: The Biggest Problem in the Universe This podcast is really only for intelulectuals. Dick, go fuck yourself.

Best Website

The Best Page in the Universe

This one should be obvious. I mean, did you read that title? Titles can’t lie.

Runner-up: I’m alright with being number two.

Best Video Game

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Why waste you time with the boring combat and monotonous landscapes of Skyrim? Morrowind has giant mushroom cities, mudcrab merchants, and fucking werewolves! It’s an RPG where the stats actually matter, there are more than 3 weapon types, and you actually care about what’s going on.

Runner-up: Metal Slug 3

Best Movie


Halloween kicks ass and so does this movie. It has a woman getting killed with a lollipop, a kid getting shotgunned, a school bus of kids drowning, and a kid getting shoveled. There’s a lot of kids dying, and that’s great. I hate kids.

Runner-up: An American Werewolf in London, cause why not? It’s better than anything else you would’ve nominated.

And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for…

Best Werewolf

Nodnash the Ugly Werewolf!

I’m the best! Bow down before me, because I’ve been declared the best werewolf. Period. Out of all history, planets, dimensions, and timelines! I am the best!

Runner-up: Wink Jones, because they’re pretty great.

Can't you just wait for the 2016 Uglies? Neither can I.

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